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2 Simple Discussion Post

Maintaining “Friends with Benefits” Relationship

  • Studies suggest that between 48% and 68% of college students have had at least one friends with benefits relationship.
  • Rules for maintaining FWB relationships include making rules to regulate

Watch the trailer for the movie “no strings attached” and read the synopsis of the film if you have not seen it: Use those 2 examples to illustrate or counter argue 2 points your textbook makes about maintaining FWB Relationships. First, briefly explain what element of the chapter you want to work on. Then explain how the example above support those claims or not. Your answer should be 500+ words. Be sure to cite your answers as you support your arguments.

Diffrent discussion video about secrets 

Please, watch the video above. 

Briefly answer the questions below. There are no right or wrong answer, I am just interested in seeing how you support your stance using content from our chapter: 

  1. If you “trade” secrets, should secrets have to be “equal” in juiciness?
  2. Should married people keep secrets?
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