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Student #1 SS

The duties owed to God by the individual, and by each of the other institutions by which God has established (the family, Church, and the civil government), provide the basis for determining the appropriate relationships among and between individuals and each of the other institutions. 6 Regent U.L. REV. p.116 (1995).

In learning the various governments created by God, Roger Bern, a member of the Missouri Bar, Resource Professor, University of the Nations, and B.A. and J.D. University of Missouri-Kansas City discussed the illustrative applications of the Biblical model in the contractual setting, antitrust setting, remedies setting, and in the setting of other public policy issues. 6 Regent U.L. REV. pp. 103-104 (1995). Herein, Bern stated “[t]he significant point made in the Jurisdictional Considerations is that not every sin is within the jurisdiction of Civil Government.” Id. at 117. The article goes on to explain how some sins are only known to God, some are disciplined and known to the family and church, and others are handled, or manifested, in the civil government. Id. 

Further, it is important for us to remember, and as Bern eloquently states, that “…God has jurisdiction over all things, even man’s heart.” 6 Regent U.L. REV. p. 117 (1995). Of course, Bern is interpreting from the Bible.  Specifically, Colossians 1:17 (King James Version) states “And he is before all things, and by him all things consist”. Additionally, in Matthew 22:21 Jesus told the Pharasees “…so give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” (New International Version) As such, no matter the disaster, whether external, internal, or governmental, God has jurisdiction and we must submit control to Him because we are His children. 


Student #2 CL

Based on the website reading assigned for this week, God gave the responsibility of disaster relief to the civil government.  Keeping in mind that the ultimate jurisdiction lies with God himself and that no law of man should be acknowledged that is not in alignment with the laws set forth by God.  Roger Bern, A Biblical Model for Analysis of Issues of Law and Public Policy Law Journal Library https://heinonline-org.ezproxy.liberty.edu/HOL/Pag… (last visited March 29, 2021).

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