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250 W0rd Discussion 2 Replies On Values And Professional Working Environment

This week I want you to think about your own personal values and how they relate to the work environment. In a posting of 250 words, describe your values statement when it comes to your professional working environment. What values are important for the job your are currently in or the one that you hope to be in some day.

  • Complete at least 2 peer replies of at least 75 words before 11:59 p.m. Sunday, ES
  • Provide properly formatted citations/references for all source material (see APA 7th Guide).
  • Do not use any quoted or copied material.

I am an internal auditor currently with hopes to work in the hospital compliance industry. 


I feel like my personal values will remain relatively the same no matter what professional position I hold. A few values that are important to me in both my professional life and personal life are:

Integrity: Stepping up and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Taking pride in being honest and fair even when it is difficult.

Authenticity: Being true to who I am as an individual while in the professional world. This makes me more relatable, trustworthy and easier to approach.

Reliability: Reliability is not making false promises to others. If something needs to be done, there will need to be an action on achieving that task rather than just a mere mention of it. Words = Action.

Respect: Respect means setting individual boundaries while honoring the boundaries of others. Communicating and interacting in a professional manner, even amidst challenging conversations and moments.

Kindness: Kindness means approaching the day, the individual or the situation in a calm, helpful manner. This allows for a comfortable space for people to be receptive to conversations and interactions.

Consistency: Consistency means to deliver on words, actions and presence in a regular ongoing manner. This is the pulp of how trust and dependability is earned and how others will come to know you.

Values need to be relatively similar for my personal life as they are in my professional life since my professional life is a continuation of me. If I am a person that lies and cheats when not at work, how can that shift into honesty and integrity while I’m at work? Once I identify what is important to me and why, those values should remain constant in my daily life, regardless of what my surroundings consist of.


As a respiratory therapist I am encouraged to maintain my values in my personal and professional life. Providing care to patients come with many challenges and puts a test on my core values in a stressful environment. Working with my co-workers and caring for patients requires tolerance and patience. In my work it is essential to support my patients needs and promote a healthier life. As a respiratory therapist good clinical judgment is required to provide quality care. I focus on the care of patients by respecting and protecting their rights. I acknowledge my responsibility and accountability to my profession and to my patients. I ensure that I maintain good communication and professionalism in my work. I understand that my job and importance to help my patients get the best health care benefits through the treatments I provide.

It is important that I perform my work with care and compassion. I encourage and promote education for my patients and always taking an extra step to make sure my patients need are met. As a healthcare professional I adhere to the quality of service and patients’ satisfaction. Patients with respiratory disease and health issues need professionals who cares and continues to seek ways to protect them and prevent harm. I am honest in my work and to my patients. I build trust in the relationship I develop with my patients. I know my role in my profession and what is expected of me. Every day I strive for excellence in rendering quality care. My loyalty to my profession and patients is utmost important to me.

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