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2500 Words On A Reflective Report

I’m working on a management writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

You are asked to write a reflective report identifying, exploring, analysing and discussing the development of management information systems within an organisation or business company in relation to a specific project, product or service. You can choose to focus on steps and actions undertaken by the selected organisation in order to improve their strategy related to a particular aspect or issue, such as:

The introduction of a new product or service operated by an organisation’s competitors in their market of reference, which may have pushed the organisation to reconsider their MIS strategy in a given period of time or market scenario.

Operational, tactical or strategic modifications adopted within the organisation itself that generated a significant improvement in terms of profits, cost saving, resource efficiencies.

Overall adjustments imposed by economic, social, environmental and cultural changes at local and global levels that have pushed the organisation to reconsider and modify its MIS strategy.

These and other examples need to be explored and analysed related to contents discussed within the MIS module. Particular attention should be given to linkages between theories and models analysed in the module, and challenges related to the realisation of projects by organisations and companies. These may include successful results as well as failures or negative outcomes.

More details are in the file given.

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