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2part Question Please Attend To Both Questions And No Grammatical Errors


Marketing Analytics A Practical Guide to Improving Consumer Insights Using Data Techniques

Mike Grigsby

Digital Marketing Analytics Making Sense of Consumer Data in a Digital World

Chuck Hemann; Ken Burbary


Choose from the following topics to create your discussion board prompt for this week. 

  • Topic 1 – Measuring success for mobile marketing websites
  • Topic 2 – How mobile marketing metrics differ from website metrics
  • Topic 3 – Differences between mobile website navigation and traditional website navigation

In your initial prompt, you should include introductory information, cite your sources, and ask your questions. Your prompt and questions should be approximately 250- 350 words


Answer the following in a concise paper that: The guardian will be the organization.

  • Identifies, analyzes, and recommends three social media platforms for the organization that you used in your Module 2 discussion post.(The guardian online news site was my organization).
  • Sets social media goals for your organization.
  • Identifies, analyzes, and justifies five (5) analytic metrics for each platform. You may repeat metrics, but they must be aligned with the organization’s goals and address the strengths of the specific social media platform.
  • Synthesizes your findings in a conclusion.

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