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3 5 Pages Mla Format Novel Introduction Thesis And Outline


After reading the introductory materials and the Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy’s page on “Literary Theory,” research a specific theory that you feel is appropriate for your Book Club novel. Online sources are great for learning about a topic like Orientalism, but make sure you find a reputable source for definitions, theories, and information. Using the Nealley Library search engine (????????), you should be able to find plenty of sources that are E-Books or PDFs. 

With your chosen literary theory and accumulated readings, connect an element of your novel to the specific theory. For example, this can be an analysis of a character, using the lens of Marxism. Or, it can be an analysis of the theme of your novel and Gender Studies. 

Before drafting the paper, you will pose an Analytical Question that connects your novel to a reading connected to your chosen literary theory. 


After prompting an Analytical Question about your novel and a reading connected to a literary theory, write a paper that:

  • Clearly explains elements of the plot and the literary theory addressed the paper (in the introduction)
  • Argues a connection between an element of your novel and a literary theory (in the introduction)
  • Develops an argument through varied claims in body paragraphs
  • Analyzes passages of the Book Club novel
  • Connects passages of the novel to, at least, one outside reading on a literary theory of your choosing
  • Concludes with the overall importance of the analysis done in the paper
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