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3 Design Examples And Discuss How Design Contributes To A National Identity

I’m working on a history Discussion and need a reference to help me study.

National identity is expressed, interpreted and negotiated through various objects and imagessuch as flags, national logos, propaganda posters, uniforms, currency (coins and notes), postage,dwellings, national monuments. Choose 3 design examples and discuss how design contributes to anational identity.In your essay, you may use the following to help you form your own points:

  • The influence of traditions
  • The creation of national rituals
  • How key events (e.g. upheavals, natural disasters) led to the design of objects for the
  • purpose of commemoration or celebration

    Essay of 2000 words (+/- 200 words)

    ● Cover page and text formatted in given template

    ● Follow MLA referencing standards

    ● Reference at least 3 academic textbooks (print) or journal articles (print/ online) to support your


    ● You may also cite from 6-8 non-academic sources (print/ online) non-academic sources such as

    books, online articles and blogs but take care to ensure that you use credible sources

    ● Include In-text citations and a Reference List

    ● Any images must be numbered, captioned and credited appropriately.

    ***The country is Vietnam flags, currency (coins and notes) and propaganda posters***

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