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600 Words Apa Implementing A Performance Management System

Within an organization, when an employee isassessed based upon his or her performance, it is critical that the employeecan provide feedback associated with their performance review. In fact,employees should be able to disagree with aspects of the performance review (asapplicable).Many organizations have processes associated with appealing aperformance review. Explain what factors you believe should be includedin the appeals process. Then, justify who you believe should beinvolved, at each step of the appeal, in the process.Additionally, explainhow two of the errors found in Section 7-3 (attached course material),can impact performance reviews. Then, identify how these errors can becorrected/prevented.

It is important to present an in-depthanalysis and integrate sufficient support from scholarly resources throughoutthe assignment. Use suitable headings and subheadings to organize thework in an appropriate manner. Be sure to support your statements with logicand argument, citing any sources referenced. At least 4 academic resourcesshould be used to write this work, no older than 2015.

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