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6152 Week 6 Discussion Board

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Week 6: Discussion – PM Article/Case Study 4 – Control Project Risks


Chapter 11 of the PMBOK Guide (5th edition) Project Risk Management includes the processes involved in conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning, and controlling project risk. In the 6th Edition of the PMBOK guide, the Control Riak process was split into two new processes: Implement Risk Responses and Monitor Risk. Of particular interest for this course is the tools and techniques found in these new processes. The primary benefit of applying risk monitoring and properly implementing risk responses is improved efficacy of risk management throughout the project life cycle.

For your initial response write and post a summary of the article you located on the topic of controlling project risks (monitoring risk and implementing risk responses) you located for the Week 5 reading assignment. Then prepare and post a topic in this forum responding to the following:

1) Provide a brief summary and evaluation of the article. Your summary should include APA 6.0 compliant in-text citations and references. (If you are new to APA style please see the APA style references located from Citation Styles Link under the eCourse Portal QEP Tutorials page.)

2) How does the article align with controlling project risk, implement Risk Responses and Monitor Risk, described in the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition?

3) Often, project teams perform risk planning and assessment but fail to perform risk control effectively. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

minimum word requirement 500-650 words.

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