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6177 4 Assignment

I’m working on a management discussion question and need guidance to help me understand better.

Assignment 4 – Due April 23, 2021 (15 pts.)

PLEASE READ THOSE CHAPTER (PPT SLIDE OR IN GOOGLE) AND Start this assignment. Plus there is another discussion post question at the bottom which is submitted in a separate word document.

Assignment Guidelines: Please identify the question to which you are responding by retyping the question or an identifiable paragraph heading when completing assignments. While retyping the question is not a typical APA style, it will ensure that I see your complete response.

There were 3 chapters, each chapter has one question. you have to provide at least one page answers of those each chapter question. There is another discussion board question as well at the bottom to answer. (Please follow APA 7 format and No plagiarism)

Chapter 14:

1. Assume that as the HR Manager, you have decided to prepare some supervisors’ guidelines to use when they have to discipline employees. Gather the information needed, using Internet resources such as www.blr.com and www.workforce.com for sample policies and other details. Then prepare a guide for supervisors on implementing both positive and progressive discipline.

Chapter 15:

1. As the HR manager, you have heard rumors about potential efforts to unionize your warehouse employees. Use the Employment Law Information Network (www.elinfonet.com/human-resources/Union-Avoidance) website to develop guidelines for supervisors if they are asked questions by employees about unionization as part of a “union prevention” approach.

Chapter 16:

1. Discuss how vital diversity and inclusion programs would be in companies based in Canada and Norway. Explain why there might be different approaches to diversity in other countries.


Discussion board Posting – Define employment-at-will and discuss how wrongful discharge, just cause, and due process is interrelated. Is your state an employment-at-will state?

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