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6464 Individual Paper 2

The AtekPC Program Management Office Case Study was assigned to provide an overview of the challenges faced by management in the development and deployment of a PMO in an existing company. Though sometimes called a “Project Management Office”, PMI in The Standard for Program Management defines it as a “Program Management Office.” Based on the case study, draft a program charter for AtekPC utilizing your reading assignmets, outside research, and the program charter guidelines linked to the Week 2 file on Blackboard. The Program Charter is a significant document in forming a program as it recognizes the existence of the program and provides the authority for the program. It also provides the basis for the governance structure for the program. Limit your responses to 3 or 4 pages not including end notes, supporting documentation and references. For example, in preparing a Charter you may want to include charts or figures showing a high level budget, high level risk assessment or the program organization structure.

For your assistance – I have included below a Guidance document that shows how this should look (roughly) and the structure and length (roughly). You can edit from this document if you choose.

Read chapter 6, 7 from The standard for program management Fourth edition – Project Management Institute (1)

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