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750 Word Essay On 95 Theses

I’m working on a history writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.


Compare the 95 Theses Rap, the actual 95 Theses, and the information about the Theses and this time found in your textbook and lectures. In what ways is the rap accurate and inaccurate? Evaluate the usefulness of something like the 95 Theses Rap as an assignment and historical source.


As with all historical writing, the more specific evidence you can use to support your argument, the more persuasive it will be. It’s also perfectly valid to note that changes may occur over time (Romanization is more of an imposition in one century and a blending in another) and circumstances may arise that affect your conclusions.

Essays should approximately 750 words, that is, 2-3 pages. They must have a thesis–an argument based on the topic and question above–and the paper must be structured to prove that thesis. You will certainly need multiple paragraphs to make this argument, likely at least 5. You should also use correct English style and grammar. For further details about the formatting and stylistic requirements, see the “Essay Do’s and Don’ts” sheet attached here.

I can provide the pages on the topic out of the Textbook after the assignment has been accepted, No outside sources will be needed.


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