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8 10 Double Spaced Organizational Dynamics Analysis Paper Graduate Level Writing

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MY current organizational issue that I have experienced that has caused a major impact on our organization is manning reduction. The military has decreased the number of people required to do the job, which has put a lot of stress on everyone and has caused people to perform their jobs at a low standard. The result of this manning reduction has required personnel to be onboard ships for overwhelming periods at a time to complete the mission and this has caused a ripple effect increasing mental health amongst our servicemembers. The goals of the manning reduction were to cut back on cost and save money due to budget cuts and my role in this was to support this initiative and provide feedback on my experience.

4 Scholarly SCHOOL LIBRARY REFERENCES: Eckstein Megan. (2012). Manning still a concern for sailors: CNO: Budget Reductions Shouldn’t Come From Additional Personnel Cuts. Inside the Navy, 25(3), 7–8. American Psychological Association, Realizing the Potential for Drastic Manning Reduction. (1995). SUBMARINE REVIEW, 67, American Psychological Assoc, Roos, C. H. (1999). Modeling Combat System Manning & Manpower Reduction. NAVAL ENGINEERS JOURNAL, 3, 153. American Psychological Assoc and Assessing the human role in an early design phase Many navy newbuilding projects face a double challenge – the complexity of operations is increasing and there is a reduction in manning. (2017). MARIN Report, 13.American Psychological Assoc.

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