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8 10 Page Change Management Application Paper Graduate Level Writing

I’m working on a writing report and need an explanation to help me understand better.

The organization change initiative proposal for my week 8 paper will be how we evaluate people based on their performance (evaluation system) in the military and civilian organizations. Using Kotters’ 8 Step Model. Using this model I intend to form a strategic vision and initiatives to make this change effective for the people and the future of my organization. The change that is required is tuning because the eval system works if allowed to be created in my opinion. For example, the eval system is based on a point system incorporated with your performance using a write it. well with the point system many people focus on the number aspect of it instead of the actual work that you do which causes a lot of problems because the ranking is limited based on the amount of personnel. So if you have 10 outstanding workers but only 2 can get the 4.0 promotion how do you compare when all are outstanding and doing the same job? (4) Scholarly Sources from Brandman Library: V Nilakant, & S Ramnarayan. (2006). Change Management : Altering Mindsets in A Global Context. Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd. , Franklin, M. (2014). Agile change management : a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation. Kogan Page. , Anderson, D., & Ackerman-Anderson, L. S. (2001). Beyond change management : advanced strategies for today’s transformational leaders. Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer., Huong Ha. (2014). Change Management for Sustainability: Vol. First edition. Business Expert Press.

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