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8 Very Easy 50 Word Summaries

  1. Please watch all the videos listed below and then write one paragraph of at least 50 words in length on each of the videos about which part of the video content did you particularly like as very interesting and educational. Write down also the exact time on the video that your interesting paragraph comes from. 7 total very short and easy

    (1) Electromagnetic Waves (Light): (4:02)

    Electromagnetic Waves (Links to an external site.)Electromagnetic Waves

    (2) Doppler Effect: (4:48)

    http://www.esa.int/spaceinvideos/Videos/2014/07/Doppler_effect_-_classroom_demonstration_video_VP05 (Links to an external site.).

    (3) How Prism bends light to make a rainbow of colors: (2:44)

    How a Prism Works to Make Rainbow Colors (Links to an external site.)How a Prism Works to Make Rainbow Colors

    Chapter-6: Telescopes

    (4) Astronomical Telescope: (7:21)

    The Astronomical Telescope (Links to an external site.)The Astronomical Telescope

    (5) Telescopes: (11:59)

    Telescopes: Crash Course Astronomy #6 (Links to an external site.)Telescopes: Crash Course Astronomy #6

    (6) Refracting vs Reflecting Telescopes: (4:19)

    Refracting vs Reflecting Telescopes (Links to an external site.)Refracting vs Reflecting Telescopes

    (7) Big Bang Sciences by Dr. Mahbub Khan (1:17:52)(Write Review of this Video for 10 minutes from 20:00 min to 30:00 min)Big Bang Sciences by Dr. Khan

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