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A 1 000 2 000 Word Report Discussing And Detailing John Coltrane S Blue Train Album

The report must address and discuss:• The artists performing on the album. [20 percent of total]• The importance and impact of the album in jazz history. [20 percent of total]• One track from the album must be selected for musical analysis Title of the Work and Composer [0 points – simply a requirement]•Meter(s) – Listen and/or observe the leader’s count-off (or conducting pattern) or accents if no conductor was present and determine the meter of the main theme or first section(following an introduction if an intro was used). The meter will most likely be 2, 3, or 4 beatsto the measure but could be some other number (like 5 in Take Five). [10 percent of total]•Genre or Category – Bebop, Swing, Blues, Smooth, etc. [0 points – simply a requirement]•Harmonic Characteristics: In general terms was the harmonic vocabulary primarilyconsonant or mostly dissonant? If possible, identify major scale, minor scale, modal,traditional blues progressions, etc. [10 percent of total]•Period of Jazz – list the date written, corresponding style period, one sentence on whether thispiece displays characteristics of the period and list 2 characteristics YOU heard in this piece.If the work is a “modernization” or recasts a well-known work in a new or different style, besure to make that observation and address the most interesting aspects of the musicaltransformation. [10 percent of total]•Composer’s Chief Contributions to Jazz – this information can be taken from class lessonslides, online research, and your own observations. [20 percent of total]•Clearly some research will be required and no more than 30 percent of the total word count can bequotations.• Additionally, all quoted material must be properly cited. [10 percent of total]Any cases of plagiarism will nullify the assignment and the student may be referred to the Office of Student Integrity.What to Submit•The report is to be double spaced, with a size 12 Times New Roman font, and submitted as a PDFfile.•Use the following file format:•lastname_firstname_online_concertreport

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