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A 5 6 Page Arguable Essay About Abortion With Detailed Outline 5 Academic Source Is Must

I’m working on a writing case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Format MLA-double spaced. 5 to six pages with detailed outline. The essay must include 5 appropriate Academic researches about the topic.

You must include

  1. an arguable (debatable) claim (thesis)
  2. evidence (reasons) to support your claim (body)
    1. The amount of evidence you need is the amount that best supports your argument.
      1. Many of you are used to the idea of THREE reasons to support your thesis, with one body paragraph of each reason. I want to encourage you to think differently about that for this essay. Instead, I want you to focus on the evidence that is the strongest and most relevant support for your thesis, whether it is two reasons or five. The same idea applies to the number of paragraphs for your evidence. One reason might need two or three paragraphs. One may be perfectly fine. Focus on what you have to say and not the traditional structure of an essay.
  3. A reflective conclusion intended to convince readers your argument is strong. It should not contain a simple restating of your thesis. It should consider the implications of your claim. What happens if your claim isn’t acted on? What are some possible ways your claim can be acted on? (conclusion)

You may also include in your essay:

  • Background/history of the topic
  • A relevant story that demonstrates the importance of the topic or shows why the issue is a problem
  • How you became aware of the issue
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