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A 6 Page Essay 1

Benchmarking—or the practice of the adoption of best practices from other nations, agencies, organizations, or people—is an important practice to ensure that the United States is at the top of its game in the area of national security. Many other nations, around the world, are beset with problems, relating to terror, that mirror the ones that we face here at home. Many of those other nations have experience with new technologies, for instance, that may be of interest for use here in the United States.

Your challenge is to undertake research on airport security, or another relevant national security issue, and to juxtapose the manner in which the United States is addressing that issue or problem in a comparative contrast with the way that two other nations are addressing the same, or a similar, problem or issue.

Your essay should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, and must be consistent with APA style and formatting as described in the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.) Requirements. Use at least three initial references, including at least one academic article. Cite all of your sources.

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