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A Marketing Plan Writing It Should Be A Page Long

The marketing plan section should be approximately one page inlength. It is the foundation of your marketing strategy and serves as areference tool when you execute your strategy. The plan will lay outclear objectives and provide a road map of how to achieve thoseobjectives.

It is important to remember that marketing plans are subject tochange and must be adapted to new changes in your business environment.

Your marketing plan must include the following:

  • Defined objectives
  • Measurable objectives from which you can set benchmarks
  • Deadlines to meet those objectives
  • Defined responsibilities for meeting objectives
  • Consideration of your budget

When creating your marketing plan, you will also need to consider the following:

The Market Landscape

Give an overview of the market you are going to operate in. Youshould not only discuss the products or services, which are similar toyour product in the market, but also explain how you think the marketwill perform and change in the future.

(Note: It is not enough to write that your product has no competitors).

Specific Objectives

Discuss the marketing objectives you are looking to achieve. What areyour company’s objectives? For example, are you looking to increaseretention of donors by 5%? To recruit 200 new volunteers? To get onnational television?

(Note: These are just examples. They are not meant to be answered. You should come up with your own objectives).

Actions, Deadlines and Budgets

Who will be responsible for each activity associated with the marketing of this new product or service?

What are the deadlines associated with this? And what is your marketing budget?

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