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A Paper About Media And A Movie 1

Hello so this assignment has two parts. Each part is about three-four pages. It should be in APA format. It requires a book if you cannot get ahold of it I will send you pictures of pages. I will include the prompt and you have to chose a topic maybe something about hate crimes, discrimination, privilege etc. about a certain group. You also need a movie that relates to this cultural group. The following is the prompt read carefully. I added some comments of myself after each question in (). Please use careful language because this paper is for a counseling major. Do not write anything offensive. For the concepts part send me your topic and I will either try to take you pictures or if you can get ahold of the book it is even better.

Note- This assignment is 2 sections – an art/media investigation and a film review

We live in a world that shares knowledge through the touch of a button. Your access to the world and people can be influenced by various forms of media. Race, class, gender, and other forms of identity and personhood are often socially constructed by the media. Power and privilege are also related to media representation and stereotyping. Media has the power to impact the images we see and what we think about these images. It also has the power and responsibility to reflect the nation’s true diversity.

As cultural discourse is producing, performing, and shaping, art mirrors back these ideas through various forms. Music, visual art, film, etc. simultaneously reflect and influence society.

Your challenge is to conduct an art and media investigation that collects data and information on how the media (e.g. art, research, internet, social media) portrays a specific group of your choice. In order to do this thoroughly you will have to dive into different modalities of media to gain an accurate and vast exploration of the illustration of this group in the media. Your investigation will examine both the historical and present portrayal of this group in the media.

After conducting your investigation of at least 3 forms of media (social media, television, internet, paintings, music, etc.) complete a minimum 3-page reflection (APA format) per section that summarizes your experience with your interview questions attached. Please note that a movie/film does not qualify for this portion of the assignment. A movie is required for the second part (see ahead). 3 concepts must be identified and cited from the text, and 2 additional peer-reviewed sources are required. You will address the following questions:

Media Investigation Questions:

  1. What group did you select and why? (maybe hate crimes against the Chinese population after covid, native Americans, latinos).
  2. What forms of media did you investigate? (here you can make your own search).
  3. What forms of art did you investigate? (here you can search whatever you want as well).
  4. How did the media portray your group? Provide examples (you can include pictures and other excerpts or illustrations from the media) and discuss what you found in detail.
  1. Does the representation of this group intersect or diverge from your own understandings and experiences? Why or why not? ( you can write that I did not whatever you want find about this group and talk about your experience as someone from the middle east)
  2. What similarities and differences did you observe between the way your culture is portrayed in the media and the way this culture is portrayed in the media. ( you can write I am middle eastern and my culture is represented badly in the media, pre assumptions and so on)
  1. How has this experience influenced your knowledge and understanding of the culture you chose to investigate?
  1. How can the information you gained contribute to your effectiveness when working with individuals from this group? ( I can relate to my clients as a counselor. I understand where they are coming from).
  2. Provide context for the art and its associated creators’, primarily in regards to their cultural discursive locations and perceived intentions.

Don’t forget to include citations from your readings!!!!!

Outline for a Film or Play Reflection

In the same paper, respond to the following questions about a film that you reviewed that relates to the cultural group you have chosen. If you are not sure about the film/play, reach out to the professor to ensure it will ensure a strong foundation for your paper.

Questions for Book/Film Reflection:

  1. Name of film/play, director, and year and date you watched it
  2. Why did you choose this film/play?
  3. Summarize 3 major points of the film/play that affect how you view this group.
  4. What were your prejudices/stereotypes/assumptions/observations of the group before watching film/play?
  5. Reflect on how/if your biases/stereotypes/assumptions/observations have changed/shifted as a result of viewing this film/play?
  6. Was the film/play consistent with the course readings, class discussions, and/or experience(s) with this group? Why or why not?
  7. What did you learn about yourself as a result of this experience?
  8. How can the information you gained contribute to your effectiveness when counseling students from this group?

Don’t forget to include citations from your readings!!!!!

This paper will cumulatively be a minimum of 6 pages (3 page min. for each section). Please do not go over 10 pages total

Requirements: Other | 7 pages, Double spaced

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