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A Presentation Of Calculus Over 900 Words

I’m working on a calculus presentation and need support to help me understand better.

Math 2114, 2124, 2134-Calculus 1,2,3

Math 3511-intro to linear algebra

Math 3572-intro to discrete structures

Math 4511-Linear algebra

Math 4311-intro mathematical statistics

Math 2314-elementary statistical methods

This is the topic you could choose. But choose Calculus.

Oral presentation, need speech over 900 words and necessary images.

Presentation description. and instruction.


This class is a class designed to assess how much you have learned as a math major at UNO. It is not a class in the traditional sense, as there is no teaching and you do all the work. It is more like an exit examination and survey than a regular class.

Expectations of students

· Students are expected to independently study for the ETS Major Field Test in mathematics. You are welcome to come into my office hours or the office hours of any math instructor and ask questions.

· You are expected to come up with topics for your oral presentation. You are strongly encouraged to seek help from a math instructor at UNO for ideas and commentary. For example, maybe you have a “favorite teacher” who taught a class you really liked. Go up to them and ask them if they have ideas for a presentation, or if they have any comments on the rough draft of your presentation/essay.

· You are expected to appear on time for the Major Field Test in mathematics and for the oral presentations. A pencil # 2 or HB is required for the Major Field Test.

Your oral presentation need not be PowerPoint, but it should be in some electronic format and you should appear on time with either a notebook computer or a USB drive with your PowerPoint presentation on it. If your presentation is in another format, you need to bring a computer that supports your presentation format.

Thank you.

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