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A Short Research Report And Ppt

Please follow the instructions and steps (see doucument). The research or scholarly article should be about microteaching language skill (Speaking)

The report should describe the study, discuss the findings, and identify how the findings contribute to a more informed understanding of the language skill area. It does not need to be a teaching article but it could be. It also does not need to addressthe specific skill developed for your microteaching lesson.

Follow the 6 steps which are the first part is give the citation. Second part is summary. 75 words. Third part is teaching implication 50 words. The fourth part is impactful statement 25 words. The fifth part is inquiry question. The last part is key take away (be specific quote and explain) point 2 paragraphs.

After your finish these steps please the second document to make a ppt base on your research paper. (please include the transcript)