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Analysis Of Local Firm S Legal And Ethical Environment 1

I’m working on a business law report and need support to help me understand better.

Guidelines of the Project

1. Select any company operating in Oman

2. Write its history including mission & vision statements and its nature of business

3. Identify law which are directly or indirectly applicable and affect its business operations.

4. Check if company is complying with its legal environment or not or has issues.

5. Identify ethical issues which directly or indirectly impact company’s business operation.

6. Check if company is complying with ethical standards

7. Identify policies of the company towards dealing with its legal and ethical obligations.

8. Make recommendations to the management of the company regarding its policies of the future to deal with legal and ethical issues.

Report format

• The length should be at least 3500-4000 words including title page and table of content. It must be laser printed on A4 size paper, font Times new roman 12 for body text and 14 for headings. All assignments are to be check with Safe Assignment permitted matching 15%

• Use APA style referencing

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