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Analytical Research Essay Rough Draft Amp Peer Review

Bibliography, thesis statement, & topic proposal are already completed and attached

For this Peer Review Workshop, answer the following questions as you respond to your classmate’s Essay Rough Draft.

You will need to upload your Rough Draft ONLY by July 16. ONLY AFTER you submitted your Rough Draft by July 16, then you will be paired up on July 16 at 11:59 pm with a classmate to complete this Peer Review Workshop.

Answer these questions below (you can type them into a Word or a PDF document) and upload/ submit them on the SAME PAGE as your Peer’s Rough Draft. Peer Review submissions are due on July 19!

Provide thorough and thoughtful responses to the following questions. Yes and No answers are insufficient,so comment, explain, or offer suggestions for all responses. You mayalso write on the draft and mark grammar and punctuation mistakes.

  1. (Content) Summarize the main idea of the draft briefly in your own words.
  2. (Organization) Does the opening establish a clear starting point for the paper (a thesis, or at least a focused topic)? Would some other part of the draft make a better introduction?
  3. (Voice) Does the paper conclude with a whimper or a shout?Is the conclusion merely repetitive, or does it synthesize ideas,suggest new directions of thought, re-evaluate the introductorystatements?
  4. (Structure) Has any significant aspect of the question/ main claim/ thesis been neglected?
  5. (Analysis) Is there any point where the paper tends to fall from the level of analysis to the level of observation/ summary?
  6. (Organization) How does the draft hold together? Which paragraphs don’t connect well with preceding or subsequent ones? Give specific examples:
  7. (Organization, Evidence) Are there paragraphs that seem less coherent or less convincing than others? If so, choose one and explain how it might be clarified and/or better supported.
  8. (Evidence) Select the best phrases, paragraphs, and/or ideas in the paper. Can they be exploited more thoroughly? How?
  9. (Mechanics) Note problems with sentence structure, grammar, word choice, and other mechanical issues.
  10. Respond to any questions/ concerns/ challenges the writer poses about her/his own draft.

peer review not due till the 19th and rough draft due on the 16th(tonight)

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