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Analyze Financials To Understand Default Risk And The Working Capital Needs Of The Firm In Comparison To A Competitor

I’m working on a accounting project and need guidance to help me study.


I need to analyze Walmart financial statements in order to define its default risk and the working capital needs of the firm (present and future).

First, analyze Walmart’s financial statements with all the financial ratios including profitability ratios, leverage ratios, liquidity ratios, turnover ratios, etc. Then, compare the financial situation of Walmart to its competitor Costco by also calculating the most important ratios of Costco.

Then, with the previous analysis of Walmart’s financials, find the working capital needs of Walmart and forecast its future working capital needs. For this part, there is no need to compare it to Costco.

There is no minimum amount of pages, but between the financial analysis, the ratios, the comparison, the working capital needs analysis, and the forecasting, it should take a few pages.

Please submit the report on a Word document and please submit the excel spreadsheet used as well. Including the financial statements, the ratios, and working capital needs calculations, etc.