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Analyze The Human Structural And Strategic Dimensions Of The Organizational Development 1

• Analyze the human, structural and strategic dimensions of the organizational development (2.4)

Assignment Instructions: 

• Be sure to citeat least two scholarly, peer-reviewed references in support of two of your answers and also incorporate the key concepts from the course. 

Assignment Question(s):

Please read thecase study “TQM at the Ritz-Carlton”in Chapter 13, p.391 available in your textbook “Organization Development & Change” (10th ed.) by Cummings, T and Worley, C and answer the following questions:

• Q.1Based on your understanding of the case, discuss and evaluate employee involvement as practiced by the Ritz-Carlton in terms of the followingkey elements:

-Power(0.5 mark)

-Information(0.5 mark)

-Knowledge and skills(0.5 mark)

-Rewards(0.5 mark)

• Q.2 Do you think the Ritz-Carlton’s experience with TQM could be provided as a benchmark to other organizations? Explain your answer in light of the stages for TQM application. (1.5 marks)

• Q.3Discuss which features are evident in the practices of the Ritz-Carlton that would enable the Hotel Company to meet the criteria of high involvement organizations. (1.5 marks)

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