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Analyzing Aircraft Accident 3

Research paper analysis the GF-072_A320 (A40-EK) Gulf Air accident.

The Turnitin score must be 20% or less

The expectation is that students will write an in-depth analysis of the accident, addressing the following:

1- A brief timeline of the accident (including the events leading up to the accident) and the probable cause (as determined by the NTSB).

2- The role of the crew (including Flight Attendants,ATC, Maintenance, Dispatch, etc. if applicable).

3- The role of management personnel, flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, other pilots, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance, weather forecasts, and actual conditions in the accident.

4- The lessons learned and what recommendations and measures (training, procedural, technological, etc.) have been or still should be adopted to prevent a similar accident. 

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