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Anchor 205 Disscusion Post Question

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choose two films of the above and write a paragraph to answer to the three questions with 300 words total, then respond t0 these two people with 50 words each.

1. What films did you choose to watch and what were the main themes, tone, and plot of each film?

2. How did you identify culturally or personally to each film viewed? How did it make you feel? Explain.

3. Explain 3 key takeaways and explain what you learned from each film?

Dear Students,This week we would like you all to view two of the following films, your choice. Do take notes as you can use information gained for your next papers. The suggested films are: Crash (2004)Grand, Torino (2008), The Kite Runner (2007), Blinded by the Light (2019), The Sun is also a Star (2019), Mi Familia – My Family (1995)

person 1(respond with 50 words:

Crash (2004)

1) I watched Crash, which was about a cast of characters of different social groups and how they interact. The film has a dower and hateful tone and I heavily disliked it. The main plot follows a dirty cop who assaults a woman of color and through a convoluted set of circumstances he ends up saving the same woman he assaulted from a car accident. The overall message the film seems to be going for is that all people regardless of race have intense biases, but the film just has every character acting horrifically racist towards others.

2) Personally I found myself at odds with nearly all the personalities and behaviors shown by the characters in the film. It’s easy to say a film having characters with poor moral character doesn’t make the movie bad, but when the movie tries to give a sexual predator police officer a redemption it really sticks in the back of my throat. I personally find this movie tone deaf and more importantly, its themes of discrimination are explored in a VERY surface level way.

3) 3 key takeaways: -Every group of people have unconscious and sometimes conscious biases — but this is barely explored and is just showed by every character being disgustingly racist towards everyone else.


1) Gran Torino follows an older white middle class military veteran Walt, who lives in an area of California which has seen its demographics change to be POC majority. Clint Eastwood’s character begins this film as an out and out racist. He uses racial slurs to the faces of people of color, and obviously holds several stereotypical racist beliefs. Over the course of the film, he befriends a young member of the local minority community.

2) Personally, I enjoy this film a great deal more than Crash. I feel that while VERY far from perfect, Gran Torino explores it’s themes of race, violence in low income communities and generational differences. Like Crash, the film is far from subtle but it is not openly offensive in the same way Crash was. The minority characters are still stereotypical to a point but nowhere near the hateful caricatures presented in Crash. Personally I find it difficult to resonate with this film based on class as I was brought up extremely privileged in that way, but the race relations and violence issues really speak to me. I have lost friends to gang violence, and while it’s rarely as cut and dry as it’s presented in this film, the material isn’t presented in a way that is offensive or harmful to a specific culture in my eyes.

3) The takeaways from this film I believe impact me because of how I grew up being raised by 2 parents much older than I am, so I can kinda empathize with the main characters issues with race, changing demographics and the way of the world changing, but by the end of the film I believe he had found a common positive link that allowed him to look favorably not only on the younger generation, but certainly helped curb his bigotry at least a bit. I think the largest thing I took away from this movie is that between generations, there will always be differences, disagreements, and even hatred, but there is always a way to bridge that gap and benefit both sides of the age gap.

person 2: respond with 50 words:

The Kite Runner and Grand Torino stand out between the listed clips based on their themes. First, the major theme that comes out from the movie the kite runner is forgiveness and remembrance. According to the movie, Amir had no option but to forgive himself for allowing him to recollect and correct the mistakes that haunt him. In his act, he had earlier mistreated the likes of Ali and Hassan, and he did keep quiet about the mistake appoint of expelling Ali and Hassan from their home and breaking the family. Likewise, he requires recalling his loved ones, however painful it may be. Based on the above story, the tone of the movie is peaceful and accepting. Indeed, the pain downs on Amir, and he feels nothing but to make peace with his childhood mistakes. Moreover, he has accepted the condition and has to use it as his basic to sustain peace and acceptance. The plot of the kite runner is of an inner conflict. It involves the disloyalty to a loyal to luxurious and bias master. This occurrence comes to haunt Amir and Baba in the entire movie. So it is worth note that the plot involves an inner conflict.

Likewise, the movie Grand Torino by Clint Eastwood continued to fascinate with its themes of racism, gangs, friendship, and death. Walt, an unpleasant old man with a threatening voice, is yet mourning his wife. He stays in a residence that was earlier occupied by whites but came to get full of Asian immigrants. All along, Walt is a racist and prefers to stay alone. However, his loneliness overwhelms him, and he prefers to create a friendship with his young neighbors. When he attempted to steal Grand Torino of 1972, Thao works for him and help him regain his wrongdoing. Later, Thao, and Sue, his sister, succeeded in making a strong relationship with him. However, the neighborhood turned corrupt cousins of Thao and Sue starts mocking him, and Walt intervenes as the situation got worse.