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Annotated Bibliographies Assignment

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Essentially, this assignment consists of two elements that will be blended together:

  • A Works Cited page in MLA format that lists all of the research sources you have found and evaluated thus far for your final paper
  • A 3–4 sentence-long mini-evaluation immediately following each of these source’s citation that shows how and why this source will be useful to your final project (or not). This evaluation should include your interpretation of the source’s thesis or overall focus.

An MLA example, using the source for the above quote:

“Annotated Bibliography.” Handouts and Links. The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2007. Web. 12 Feb. 2010. This source is a handout made available by a reputable university’s writing center, and describes with great detail and examples what an annotated bibliography is and what purpose it serves. It contains an extensive list of works consulted that could lead me toward additional sources as needed.

Student Samples (MLA format, google docs)

SamplestudentMLAannotatedbibA (Links to an external site.)

SamplestudentMLAannotatedbibB (Links to an external site.)

Assignment Requirements:

Create an Annotated Bibliography that consist of 5 sources listed. Of those,

  • at least 2 will be academic journal article sources, retrieved from the school library
  • at least 1 will be book-length, either physical books or ebooks from the Library or online
  • at least 1 will be a periodical or newspaper
  • The remaining 1 source will be “wild card” slots—anything you want to include.

Be sure your annotated bib consist of the following below:

1. Summarize in two sentences your source.

2. How does the source align with your topic?

3. Does the source prove my claim

1. Submit via Word or google doc

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