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Annotated Bibliography 1263

I’m working on a english report and need guidance to help me study.


File Name and Type:

Your file should be saved as a Word document, and named LastnameFirstInitial_Research. For example, my file’s name would be LattinD_Research.


1500-2000 words, not including headings and the Works Cited or Reference page (essays over 2000 words will not be graded.)


Either MLA or APA

Grading Criteria:

Use the Grading Criteria for Essays as a guide to help you compose your essay.

Outside Sources:

At least FIVE. You are welcome to use the sources you gathered for your annotated bibliography and research presentation; however, you are not limited to these sources. You certainly continue researching your topic. Just remember that “Internet Sources” are not appropriate for this assignment (or for the annotated bibliography). You may use your Internet connection as a tool to research ISU’s periodical indexes/databases: Full-text articles retrieved through the library’s databases are not considered “Internet Sources.” You may also use government (.gov) sources. “Internet Sources” include resources retrieved through search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. As with the last essay and the annotated bibliography, if you want to use a source that does may not meet assignment requirements, you may complete the source override request and email it to me.

Required Image/Visual Aid: With the argument essay, you were invited to include images. For this essay, you are required to include at least one image. To help you determine how to select images and visual aids for your writing, review “How to Include Pictures in a Research Paper,” which offers some helpful guidance (and ways to cite images). As well, please, review the “Citing Images” handouts I provided for you in “Essay 3: Ideas and Source Override Requests.”

The Essay

This semester, you have developed and improved upon extensive critical writing, reading, and research skills. Through the explanatory synthesis, you were able to objectively discuss a current and controversial issue. This skill was fine-tuned through Analysis: you spent considerable time evaluating–and sharing–how advertisements work to persuade consumers to buy their products and/or “ideals.” Both papers prepared you for the argument synthesis in which you attempted to persuade readers to consider and/or take your stand, using compelling discussion and sources to support that argument.

Now comes the fruit of your labors: the last essay. The type of essay you write will be entirely up to you. You may choose to write an argument, an analysis, or you may even choose to write an informative piece. If choosing to write an informative essay, you are not restricted to an “objective” piece. Subjectivity will be fine (just remember to present strong ethos, logos, and pathos).

The topic you choose to address in this essay should be generated from the subject on which your Annotated Bibliography focused. Some topics are not appropriate for this assignment (See “Unsuitable Topics for Essays and Anno-Bibs”).


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