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Answer 6 Intro To Psycology Questions

1) How does each perspective of psychology explain the mind – Schools of Psychology (choose 2) 

Cognitive psychology 

Behavioral Psychology 

Physiological Psychology 

Humanistic Psychology 

Psychodynamic Psychology 

2) How does using Scientific methods establish contingencies 

Variables in experiments

Control in experiments 

Behavioral Measures

3) 3 Brain areas

There are a lot to choose from – how does their activation change consciousness?

4) How can contingencies be established though Emotions and Priming 

Classical Conditioned emotional responses 

Suggestions to alter consciousness – nudges

5) How are contingencies represented in your Memories 

Short term

Long term



Effortful vs automatic encoding

6) How are the contingencies related to your -Narratives – or as we call it the anecdote 

The conscious aspect of memory – the story – how we remember all of the above…

What changes the narrative?? 

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