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Answer Questions 521

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1. Because the power of situations might influence a person’s behavior over time, Walter Mischel argued that ______________________________ are more important than _______________________.

a. No answer text provided.

b. No answer text provided.

c.social-cognitive processes; personality traits

d.personality traits; social-cognitive processes

2. Match each of the dimensions of the Big Five Personality traits with the best example of it.

Average agreeableness – Low neuroticism – High openness – Low conscientiousness – High extraversion

1. Carl enjoys being the center of attention in social situations?

2. Sally is a calm and relaxed person and rarely becomes upset or worried?

3. Graham struggles with time management and disorganization in his daily life?

4. Miriam likes to please others, and she can be fairly assertive when she needs to be?

5. Bing is interested in various world views and values creative expression in their daily life?

3. Although most people predict that they would help another person in a crisis situation, research on the phenomenon of _________________________ provides some evidence to the contrary.

a. diffusion of responsibility

b. pluralistic ignorance

c. bystander effect

d. All of these are correct.

4. Social psychology research on attractiveness indicates that people may rate strangers’ attractiveness based on ____________________ and their friends’ attractiveness based on _______________________.

a. ethnic group; specific physical features

b. specific physical features; personality traits

c. personality traits; specific physical features

d. specific physical features; ethnic group

5.Discussion Question of your choice! Of the Discussion Questions included at the end of the three assigned Noba Reading chapters, choose onequestion and and provide your own, original answer in at least TWO complete sentences below. Please be specific and provide EXAMPLES to illustrate your response.

Please begin by specifying (copy/paste) which question you are answering.

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