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Of three major gaming content distribution platforms — (1) YouTube Gaming, (2) Facebook Gaming, and (3) Twitch — which do you think is the best platform for fan engagement and why? Be thorough in your answer, citing at least one source.

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Although I do not have much knowledge about any of these gaming distribution platforms, I would say that Twitch is the best platform for fan engagement. First and foremost, based off of my own understanding, Twitch is the most popular platform. I have seen numerous ads and most gamers talk about using Twitch. Furthermore, Twitch has been utilizing other content as well to their platform which has received a lot of promotion. I am not too familiar at all with YouTube and Facebook’s gaming platforms. I haven’t heard much about either and I don’t see it advertised much. I believe Twitch is certainly the most interactive and engaging platform for esports users as their mission is to “be the best home for content creators to build their careers and businesses, and to share their passion with fans worldwide” (Nelson, 2018). Gamers can use Twitch to broadcast their own playing sessions with commentary, along with watching others, and actively participating via chat. Twitch utilizes fan engagement between four pillars. The first being live broadcasts, which allows users to stream in real-time, giving participants a unique feeling of engagement and involvement that pre-recorded content can’t match. You can also share content with other gamers around the world and interact, which is the component of the platform that propelled it into it’s popular status. Twitch also delivers interactive content and has remained very entertaining. Overall, I believe Twitch currently holds the advantage over the other gaming platforms, even though they are trying new ways of being creative and as engaging as possible too.


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