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Apa Climate Policy

I’m working on a environmental science writing question and need guidance to help me understand better.

Policy makers, advocates, and voters need good information—such as your research—to make decisions. Now that you have explored climate policy options, you will write your own paper proposing a portfolio of at least 3 climate policies at different levels of government to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gases.The policies to choose from is attached in the word document. Focus on the ones provided and NOT on other ones. Include the following information, clearly organized with descriptive headings:

  • Introduction: A very concise roadmap of your policy portfolio and anticipated outcomes in 1-3 sentences.
  • Problem Statement: Characterize the specific pollutants (if focusing on particular GHGs) and sources of GHG emissions that you are targeting. Characterize the sources of emissions that you are targeting, so that your policy choices described in the next section can be justified.
  • Recommendations: Recommend 3 detailed policies that will reduce the targeted GHGs from the sources presented in the problem statement. For each policy:
  • Specify which level of government is acting and how governments interact if policies are interconnected.
  • Address specific necessary details to create each policy, such as who is regulated, exemptions, timeline for implementation, resources or administration needed, how to calculate parameters (e.g., pollution limits, subsidy, or tax rates), etc.
  • Analysis: Justify your policy portfolio design. Do not address each policy in isolation, instead consider how the 3 policies combine to produce better outcomes than if they were implemented alone. Articulate the pros and cons of your recommendations, while justifying them.
  • Fully justify the legal power of each level of government to enact each policy, and their legal relationships.
  • Justify the practical and economic reasons for implementing your policies at their respective levels of government.
  • Justify the efficacy and efficiency of your policy portfolio at reducing GHGs as desired. Why is it better to combine these policies? Any negative unintended consequences of combining these policies?
  • Describe any co-benefits of your policy, such as equitably distributing the costs and benefits of climate impacts, improving environmental justice outcomes, adaptation to climate impacts, or reduction in other pollutants.
  • Conclusion: Call out the problem, proposed actions, and improved outcomes.

Writing tips:

  • Be concise, only include the essential data to support your recommendations. Your paper should be around 2,000 words with at least 2 citations to legal or peer reviewed academic journals.
  • Use formatting with headers to support the organization of your paper and give the reader cues about what to expect in each section.
  • Use proper style and grammar for professional writing, active voice, avoid jargon, don’t overwhelm with statistics. Do not try to be legalistic. Clear and concise language is the top goal.
  • Citations for each factual statement in your justifications, any standard citation method using in-text citations is acceptable.
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