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Apa Criminal Justice

I’m working on a criminal justice report and need an explanation to help me learn.

Request: For your “News” Paper I would like to choose from one of the following sensationalized stories over the past several decades and analyze it . For the purposes of your paper look at one of these sensationalized stories and follow it from its inception to the latest story you can find on it.

Stories to choose from (only one)

  1. OJ Simpson
  2. JonBenet Ramsey
  3. The Memphis Three
  4. Elizabeth Smart
  5. Casey Anthony
  6. Ottis Toole (Adam Walsh)
  7. Jeffrey Dahmer

The paper should discuss the following elements ( use headliners to point out that each part is approached):

  1. Follow the stories life sequence and talk bout how you see it grow, You will see the story bloom from a newsworthy story to a sensationalized story. You will see these stories become instances of other similar crimes, they can turn into tabloid journalism and eventually docudramas and documentaries.
  2. Discuss the cases social impact
  3. Discuss any laws that were impacted by the case
  4. Finally discuss where the case is today, are we still talking about it and why?


You will use at least 4 different news sources. Use APA Format. I also want a running head. This paper will be a minimum of 4-5 pages double-spaced, 12pt font in either Times New Roman or Arial style.

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