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Apa Style Reference Page

I’m working on a english writing question and need a reference to help me learn.

Using the online library databases, please find the following articles and create a reference for each that you turn into a 4-item reference page. Your reference page should start as a blank Microsoft WORD document. Remember that you may have to expand your search to include more databases. USE THE SAMPLE STUDENT PAPER’S REFERENCE SECTION (starts on p. 66 of the APA Manual) AS A GUIDE FOR HOW YOURS SHOULD BE FORMATTED.

Your reference page must be in APA style and must include the title, author(s), date, journal name, volume number, page numbers and DOI (or “retrieved from” information). Pay close attention to where the commas and periods go. Pay close attention to how many spaces you put after periods and commas.

Remember that examples of APA style references can be found starting on page 317 in your APA manual, and on the inside back cover. You should also use pages 66-67 of the APA manual as a guide for how your individual references and your reference page should be formatted.

  1. Find an article that has Novacek as the lead author, was published in 2020, and is about the mental health ramifications of COVID-19 on Black Americans.
  2. Find an article about laughter and advertising that was published in 2012. (There may be more than one. Pick one.)
  3. Find an article called “Bystander helping behavior in response to workplace bullying.”
  4. Find an article about police reform by Trinkner, Tyler, and Goff.
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