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App Paper And Screenshots

you will need to have screenshots and the times need to be different on them all…. soi I would suggest that you take a couple of pictures of the app throughout the few hours you have… i prefer apple phone if you have it

you should have three screenshots per day… so 15 total screenshots

Download three organizational apps or an app that you feel will help you in day-to-day activities to your mobile device. You may have three already on the mobile device that you like and use. Log 5 consecutive days using the app. You will need proof the app was utilized each day, so take screenshots.

You will then write a paper on these three apps. In your paper, give the name of the app and explain its function. Write a summary of how the app was “supposed” to be used and if this app worked for you. What were the pros and cons of the app? Was the app a lot of extra work? Will you continue to use the app after this assignment?

This is a formal paper so use APA format, Arial font, 12-pt type size. Be sure to have a cover page and check the list of Common Grammar Errors located under the Content Tab…Course Home. This assignment is due Sunday, March 28th, before midnight.

Grading Rubric

Grading will be 25 points for the log.

Grading will be 50 points for the paper.

  • Deadline – 5 points (-5 points per week for late papers)
  • Grammar & Spelling – 10 points
  • Completeness – 15 points
  • Clarity – 15 points
  • Design/Format – 5 points

Requirements: screeenshots of the apps used with all different time spans… and a paper

Requirements: 15 screenshots and paper

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