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Application Of Sultanate Of Oman Labor Law


The task contains 1 scenario and 2 questions. You must answer each of them separately by referring to the relevant articles of Oman Labour Law. Do not reproduce the articles here. Your answer should be supported by proper reasoning.

Break-up of marks: 2 mark for citing the correct article and three marks for reasoning.                                                                    

Scenario 1

Marwan joined Mazoon Equipment LLC on January 15, 2016 as a painter. He was dismissed on April 16, 2017. Prior to his dismissal Marwan had submitted his resignation on March 15, 2017 clearly stating that he was submitting his resignation with immediate effect. Mazoon Equipment did not respond to this resignation. Marwan continued working till April 16 2017, the date on which he was terminated

Question 1: Is the resignation submitted on March 15, 2017 valid?

Question 2: Analyze the relevant article/s of Labour Law of Oman that deal with this case (word limit for each question 150 words).

Task 2

Global Knowledge a reputed business house in Oman has recently established two Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) one in Muscat and the other in Sohar. Both HEIs will open their doors for students in September 2021. To make the HEIs operational, there is a need for different categories of staff (administrative, Human Resources, IT, Marketing other staff and Teaching Faculty)

Global Knowledge has approached Come to Us Consultants for help.  You are a trainee with the consulting group. Your Team Leader requires you to.


Explain in detail the procedure envisaged in the Oman Labour and related Ministerial Directives Global Knowledge requires to comply with to recruit

a. Omanis

b. Non -Omanis.

(word limit for each part 150 words).

Question 2: The client has also asked advice on the law on

a) employment of Women

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