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Application Of Theory Power Point Presentation

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REQUIREMENTS Criteria for Content Review literature regarding issues or concerns within your selected area of advanced practice nursing. Select a nursing theory or model which is relevant to your selected area of advanced practice nursing and would offer a meaningful context for evidence-based practice surrounding the issue or concern which you identified. 1. In a PowerPoint Presentation, address the following. a. Introduction to the presentation b. Identify and describe a theory or model, and explain its relevance to the selected area of advanced practice c. Describe an issue or concern regarding the selected area of advanced practice, and explain its impact on health care outcomes d. Explain how the nursing theory or model can be used as a framework to guide evidence-based practice to address the issue or concern, and discuss the unique insight or perspective offered through the application of this theory or model. e. Conclusion to the presentation. Connect your nursing philosophy to the application of theory related to the situation being addressed. f. References in APA current ed. format PREPARING THE PRESENTATION Submission Requirements 1. Application: Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the PowerPoint presentation. 2. Length: The PowerPoint presentation should be 7 total slides (excluding title and reference slides). 3. Speaker notes are used and include in-text citations when applicable. 4. A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature sources must be used. 5. Name must appear on the title slide 6. Submission: Submit your files. **I SELECTED THE CARING THEORY BY JEAN WATSON. MY SELECTED PRACTICE IS EXECUTIVE NURSE/LEADERSHIP AND THE PROBLEM/ISSUE I DISCUSSED WAS STAFFING IN NURSING. MY PRESENTATION NEEDS TO REFLECT HOW AS AN EXECUTIVE NURSE I CAN USE JEAN WATSONS CARING THEORY TO AFFECTS THE STAFFING ISSUES IN NURSING

Please make note on the requirements that I have already chosen the theory and the issue. If you can follow the requirements according to what I provided and my specialty track is Executive Nurse. That has to be mentioned in the power point


ASelect an issue or concern related to nursing, then select a nursing theory or model that can be used as a framework to support the resolution ofyour identified issue/concern. Dr. Barry and Class, The issue related to nursing that I will discuss for this discussion is Staffing. The theory that I believe is relevant to the staffing issues is Jean Watson’s caring theory and the caring model. How the selectednursing theory or model is relevant to your specialty track. I am in the Executive Nurse specialty track. The Caring model/theory is relevant because a lot of the executives are responsible for assuring that the staffing needs of the organization is met anda lot of times people leave a facility because they don’t feel that the nurse management team cares about them or appreciate them or the care that they provide to the patients. A brief description of the issue/concern. Staffing issues have been a problem formany years, however, with the pandemic that is happening right now nurses are leaving their jobs and there is not enough help to cover them. This is an issue that the nurse executive/leader is responsible to address other issues within the organization thatcause staffing issue. The most common reason is that nurses get burnt out. Right now, nurses are overworked and some feel that they are spinning wheels because there is and has been a nationwide shortage of nurses so they have to continue to suffer. Anotherreason for staffing issues is that the nurses don’t feel supported by the nurse leaders or management. This is also causing a lot of nurses to quit their jobs or the nursing field all together. How the selected nursing theory or model can be used to guide theresolution of the issue/concern? caring theory can be used to resolve the issue by giving the organization insight on solutions for staffing. It would also give leadership and management insight on how to support nurses which will inturn affect the care thatthe staff provide to the patients. If this theory was used, nurses wouldn’t feel as overwhelmed and burnt out or stressed enough to quit and leave the organization short staffed because they would know that the executive cares about their concerns and are tryingto help decrease their workload. How does your philosophy of nursing connect to the application of theory to manage this situation? The selfedusson.comcare nursing theory is a theory that guides my nursing practice and I included in my nursing philosophy. Itinforms the nurses to practice their profession with the greatest selfedusson.comcare when administering services to the patients. Through this theory, nurses are reminded to be more vigilant for their activities and how they can impact their health and abilityto render services to the patients (Katada et al., 2021). The theory directs nurses to be responsible for their care while providing services to patients. It connects because I would advise nurses that caring for oneself will help decrease the stress and theburn out which are reasons for staffing issues. I believe in workedusson.comlife balance and would definitely promote that in my organization to help with retention of staff. Reference Katada, N., Kato, R., Soeda, K., Hara, A., Oikawa, I., Katsuda, H. & Kawamata,A. (2021). Child Selfedusson.comCare Nursing Theory in Japan. In Situation Specific Theories: Development, Utilization, and Evaluation in Nursing (pp. 161edusson.com180). Springer, Cham


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