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Are Protests And Demonstrations An Effective Way To Demand Changes To Racial Injustice

I’m working on a research & summaries question and need support to help me study.

Post your Exploratory Essay introduction here (please copy and paste into the dialog box, no file attachment):

In about 350 words, present the question you want to research and show why it interests you, why it is significant, and why it is problematic (complex) rather than easy to resolve. Your question should be an open one. This means you do not have a definite stance on the issue, or maybe you have opinions on the issue but you are open to changing your mind upon further research. *You must use a research question as it is worded in SIRS.

*This post is worth 10 points. To receive full credit, please also read and respond to one other classmate’s introduction by Thursday, April 1st. If you see one of these three questions are unanswered in your peer’s intro, say so.

Templates you might use to help you develop your introduction include the following:

  1. I am personally interested in researching this question or issue because_________________.
  2. The issue I’m pursuing is significant because_____________________.
  3. The issue I’m pursuing is problematic or complex in that__________________.

All three of these questions should be answered in your intro and the reader needs to be able to identify them clearly. The templates help keep your thinking on track. I highly recommend using them.

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