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Argumentative Essay 20th Century European Governments Using Violence

I’m working on a humanities report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Assignment: Write an original paper that answers one of the two prompts below. Your paper should focus on making an argument that answers the prompt, and you should support your claims with evidence drawn from the texts.

Structure: You have practiced all the ‘building blocks’ for an argumentative essay separately. For this paper, you will put all those parts together in the proper order (in other words, this essay will not be organized in the same way as the previous essay). That means that your paper should:

    • Open with an introduction that contains a two-part thesis
    • Contain two main sections made up of multiple body paragraphs that explain and support that argument by summarizing and analyzing the texts you choose, and
    • Close with a conclusion that re-states your argument and explains why it is important. Remember: your two-part thesis should drive your paper and shape its organization.


    1. Throughout the 20th century, authoritarian European governments used enormous violence to control their subjects and to transform society. But was violence the only way these governments secured the cooperation of their populations? Drawing on at least two of the readings from this course, argue whether you think it was / was not violence alone that allowed governments to maintain control, and why. Possible readings include the documents on Fascism;
      1. John Scott, Tadeusz Borowski, Frantz Fanon, etc
    1. Hint: The structure of these prompts gives you the first part of a two-part thesis. The “was/was not” should be the first part of your thesis, and the why – which you come up with on your own – is the second part. Purpose: In this assignment, you will use the ‘building blocks’ we have practiced –summary, analysis, and argumentation – to write an argumentative essay. This paper will help you consolidate the skills you have learned this semester, and it will also be an opportunity for you to practice an important form of writing. Knowing how to state your claims clearly, accurately, and with evidence will help you in other classes and in your future career, regardless of your field.

    1. When to submit:The final draft of your paper is due Monday 4/19.Requirements and Guidelines: Your paper should be 1,250-1,500 words. In this course, all writing project should be formatted according to Chicago style: 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced with one-inch margins. Please include your name and a short title at the top of the page. PLEASE NOTE:
      • You must include citations for all relevant examples, summarized information, or quotes.
      • You should not use any sources beyond the texts assigned in this class on Perusall for this assignment. The entire purpose of this assignment is to see how you can construct an argument using these sources as evidence. Papers that rely heavily on outside sources will not receive a passing grade.
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