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Argumentative Writing Proficiency Essay 1

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Nathan Lentz argues that the pleasure we and many other species take in playing is evidence that play has a role in the survival of our species, because “the more time that an animal spends engaging in a behavior, the more certain we are that it plays an important role in survival or reproduction” (4). Stuart Brown examines the impact of play on our physical, social, and cognitive development, and concludes that “play….seems to continue the process of neural evolution” (16). Finally, Koeners and Francis examine how play can be incorporated into higher education by emphasizing puzzle-solving, experimentation, and exploration (19).


Stuart Brown writes that “Play is largely responsible for our existence as sentient, intelligent creatures.” Using all of the essays in this reading set, address the following: What is the relevance of play to adult intelligence? As part of your essay, offer a complex definition or explanation of play, based on these readings.


The following are recommended:

  • Use ideas and facts from the reading set while also relying upon your own logic. For example, you might agree with or disagree with an author’s logic or conclusions and give your reasoning. Or, you might choose to emphasize the importance of one idea while diminishing the importance of another, with an explanation of why you are valuing the ideas in this way.
  • Make connections between the readings. Although the authors’ approaches are different, you will find parallels between them. For example, you could identify points of agreement and disagreement, or you could point out that they are reaching similar conclusions by different methods or logic.
  • Quote and/or paraphrase and work directly with material from all three essays in this reading set.
  • Attribute any material that you summarize, quote, or paraphrase to its source (using the page numbers of the reading set). This page and the previous page provide examples of what proper attribution looks like. (We are using MLA style, but you may also use APA style or any other style you’re comfortable with.)
  • • Your own ideas and thinking are necessary and important, and you cannot pass this evaluation without them. However, you must base your essay on the information contained in this set of readings, and engage with the arguments contained in the set of readings. Do not give an account of your own life experience; do not use any outside readings (including from the internet); and do not rely on information from courses you have taken.

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