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Argumentive Paper Immigration

I’m working on a philosophy writing question and need support to help me learn.

This week, you will complete your argumentative paper. PRO IMMIGRATION (I picked to be on the side of immigration)

Be sure your essay contains the following:

  • An opening paragraph that states a clear thesis that is focused, plausible, and arguable and that gives direction and purpose to the paper
  • A fair-minded, balanced, and objective development of the pros and cons of the issue in a well-organized sequence of ideas, free of mechanical errors
  • Credible, reliable, and authoritative evidence in support of the points made
  • A strong conclusion that summarizes your views, reminds the audience of the issue and its importance, and shows in brief that you have successfully defended your thesis
  • 5 scholarly articles
  • 4 pages, APA, not including refrence page and cover page
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