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Art Writing 21

I’m working on a writing Essay and need a reference to help me study.

Need about 350 words

Your Task:

For this specific assignment you will be watching an artist lecture by Nina Katchadourian titled “Talking Popcorn and Accent Elimination,” which she presented at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Humanities in April 2016. Katchadourian’s approach to art making is idiosyncratic, playful, and based on deep observation and investigation of the world around her. She is known for her wit and humor, as well as her practice-based research driven approach to making projects. Her work offers an excellent bridge between this weeks’ theme of Observation and next week’s theme of Investigation and Research. I hope you enjoy this engaging lecture by Nina Katchadourian!

Thesis Prompt for Nina Katchadourian’s lecture:

Please discuss your own reactions and impressions about Katchadourian’s idiosyncratic use of active observation and investigative approaches to formulate her projects. Make sure to discuss specific projects to support your reflections.

Video Link:

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