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Article Crtique

You will critically evaluate a quantitative research article based on a topic of interest related to your field of study. Search for an article of a quantitative research study that includes statistical analyses. The article must be peer- reviewed and published within the last 10 years.

The body of your critique must include an analysis of the methods used and a critique of the results of the study. In your conclusion, evaluate the design of the study including the sample, procedures, choice of analyses, research questions/ hypotheses, other statistical approaches that could have been used and suggestions for future research. Your critique must include the following sections:


Introduction of the quantitative study from a peer-reviewed source.

  • Re-state the research questions and/or hypothesis 3 and describe the aspects such as the variables and
    how they were conceptualized.
  • Discuss the background for the topic. Wat was the study about?Think about it like a movie trailer, offering enough information that the audience would be interested in reading the full article and your review of it.Methods: 4 Describe the procedures/methods of data
    collection, measures or instruments used to
    collect data, sample participants and howthey were selected, and the statistical techniques used to analyze the data.

Results: Critique the statistical results presented in the study.

  • Interpret the statistical results using common statistical terms (such as N, p-value, etc.) and the calculated value of the tests used to test the research question/hypothesis.
  • Evaluate the author(s) interpretations of the information and data.Conclusion: Evaluate the efficacy of the results presented in the study.
  • Utilize your understanding of the statistical analyses and results provide and interpret them using terms/concepts in the course.
  • Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the study.
  • Suggest future research directions. What else can be added to the study to better understand the topic?
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