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Article Question Read The Attached Article Titled Review

I’m working on a management question and need support to help me understand better.

  • Article Question: Read the attached article titled as “Your Team Is Brainstorming All Wrong” by Art Markman, published in Harvard Business Review, and answer the following Questions:


  1. Summarize the article and explain the main issues discussed in the article.(In 400-500 words) (Marks 2)
  2. What do you think about the article in relations to what you have learnt in the course about divergent thinking and group decision making?Use additional reference to support you argument. (In 250-400 words)(Marks 1.5)


  1. Critical Thinking Question: If you collect too much information for analyzing a decision, you can suffer from analysis paralysis, where you spend too much time thinking about a decision rather than making one. Recall a major financial decision you made recently, such as of a car or housing purchase or rental. Describe your process for making the decision. How could analysis paralysis have affected this process?(In 150-300 words)(Marks 1.5)