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Article Responses 3

I’m working on a article writing writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Three articles to read and analyze. All articles will be attached files and will also add an example paper to go off of which will be called the Go-By 3142 Article Review PDF .

The article responses must include the following:

1 – Name of the reading

2 – One or two paragraphs of what the reading was about in your own words (do not use quotes, and do not copy and paste text)

3 – One of two paragraphs that highlights particularly interesting elements you read in the readings

4 – One or two paragraphs of your critical thoughts and feelings on the reading/article, which should include did it change your view of the topic or where you persuaded by the author’s data (see example!). This is your opportunity to share a personal experience, or draw other commonalities from what you read in the article to your life experience.

THIS IS NOT A SUMMARY. Each response should range from 640 – 700 words for each article (that is about a page and a half 1.2 spaced (Mac) and 1.15 (Word), with 12 point font), but may be longer if needed, and EACH of the readings (this includes pdf articles, and web links) needs its own individual article response as in the example above and the responses need to be uploaded in one document. *PAPER EXAMPLE IS THE Go-By 3142 Article Review PDF

PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES, professor is very strict and will make down for any plagiarism.

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