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Assignment 5: Family Tree

For this assignment, you will define what your family looks like and construct a “Family Tree”.

1. Describe your family to me—is it a traditional, blended, step, same-sex, multi-generational, etc. family? Describe the members of your family (no names, just titles- Mom, Dad, Sister, etc.).

2. Describe the relationship(s) your family has with regard to household income and household duties. In other words, who makes the money and who does the housework?

3. How is your family today different (or the same) as past generations of your family? If you’re not sure, talk to your parents about this. You may learn some family history.

4. Do your best to construct a family tree (it doesn’t have to be a flow chart or anything fancy) listing out (not by name, but by title) all those family members you know or know of. How far back can you go into your family’s past? Do you think those previous generations have had an impact on making you the person you are today? How?

Write a minimum two-page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font essay answering all these questions. The point of this assignment is to encourage investigation and understanding into your family dynamics. The family form has changed greatly over the last 100+ years. It is important to understand how our past can affect us and our future.

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