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Asian Amp American Connections Post Test

I’m working on a global studies practice test / quiz and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Question 1

Discuss how Chinese immigrants to the US were treated including examples of legislation passed.

Question 2

Which of the following statements best describes China’s response when accused by other nations of human rights violations, according to reading in the third topic?

Select one:

  • China’s domestic policies are none of the world’s business.
  • The US violates human rights due to gun violence, the lack of health care for all citizens, poor race relations, and the Muslim ban.
  • China has a good human rights record because its people are fed, clothed, educated, housed, and have medical care.
  • a and c only

Question 3

What were the main provisions of the Treaty of Kanagawa?

Question 4

Describe the “One-China” policy including when it developed and the president who agreed to it.

Question 5

Describe what life was like for the Japanese while under American occupation after World War 2.


  • Reading 1.1: Opium, Colonialism, and Trade
    “Behind the Headlines” Rebellions, Wars, and Insurgencies in the Philippines, from PBS Frontline.
    “1898-1933–America’s Colony” Rebellions, Wars, and Insurgencies in the Philippines, from PBS Frontline.
    The US and the Opening to Japan, 1853
  • US-China Relations–A Brief Historical Perspective
  • Lau, J. (2011, Aug. 18). Highlighting differences in interpretations of the Opium War. New York Times.Read first two sections: 1st one by Ian Johnson and 2nd one by Howard French.
  • The US and the Opening to Japan, 1853
  • Johnson, I and French, H. (2017, March 22). How China’s history shapes, and warps, its policies today. Foreign Policy.

Reading 2.1: Japan and Korea

  • From Independence to War.
  • Occupation and Reconstruction of Japan, 1945-52.

Reading 3.1: Relations in China

  • US-China Relations Since 1949
  • They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals
  • Philippines’ Duterte Is A Divisive Figure, Even Abroad

Reading 3.2: Fighting Illegal Drugs in the Philippines

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