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Asking Someone Who Know How To Use The Markstrat Only

Marketing plan: please refer to course outline for details including % breakdown. For this assignment, assume that you are handing your firm off to a new management team and need to provide a thorough review of the past ten periods (external and internal analyses) as well as a coherent plan for the next four periods (goals & objectives, marketing strategy, and schedule). Here are some points of clarification based on past student questions:

  • The internal analysis and the external analysis are retrospective and deal with what happened in periods 1-10.
  • Keep the internal analysis (financial and non-financial) BRAND-SPECIFIC! At this point, you should be well-aware that anything beyond the brand-level of analysis is far from diagnostic.
  • Include all of your financial ratio calculations for each brand, each period, and each decision variable in Appendix 1 (i.e., ad expenses, commercial team expenses). Recall for example that the Return on Commercial team ratios would look like this: Contribution after marketingBrand X in Period 1 / Commercial team costsBrand X in Period 1. More importantly, discuss the pattern of these ratios for each brand and what they might mean.
  • Following the sections on internal and external analyses, the next three sections (goals & objectives, marketing strategy, and schedule) are about the tentative future and deal strictly with periods 11 to 14. That is, what would your key objectives, target market and marketing decisions be for the next four periods?
  • Objectives need to be specific (e.g., an objective like “grow our market share” is NOT specific, at the very least, you would need to clarify the specific rate of growth and which specific segment/s you are expecting growth to derive from)
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